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Our Team

Team is a business unit

  1. Full responsibility - a team is ultimately responsible for all decisions and end-results. The team selects product ideas, come up with solutions an implements them.
  2. Diverse teams - teams are diverse, self-sufficient and include people with different background, areas of expertise: marketing, domain experts, UI designers, developers, system administrators, testers, customers and community representatives.
  3. Organic composition - the team can choose its composition, hire (or outsource) an additional or remove poor performing member; selects in-house or outsourced services (hosting, customer support, etc.)

Company organization

  1. Powerful teams - the company represents a conglomerate of powerful teams. Projects teams are small, diverse and empowered to make most project decisions.
  2. Egoless management - management carry mostly support, coordination and representation functions. Leadership is moved to the teams level. Top management is a consulting body, which includes highly skilled professionals in finances, technology, sales, etc.
  3. Shared and competing infrastructure - company infrastructure could include services as hosting, customer support, recruitment or distribution. These in-house services are shared and compete with outside providers.

User needs, product and feature ideas

  1. Generate many alternatives - the company uses diverse sources (internal, user community, paid analysts and experts, etc.) for ideas generation
  2. Predict most successful ideas - the company establishes prediction markets for deciding forecasting most successful ideas with large group of participants - customers, user community, domain experts, managers, designers, and developers. They make independent guesses based on their private knowledge.
  3. Select the best ideas - any team could use this information to sign up for implementation of the product or feature ideas.

Team formation

  1. Talented people - the company hires talented people with diverse background, skills and experience. The only requirement is high qualification, creativity or expertise.
  2. Easy start - Anybody in the company can initiate and assemble the team for implementation. The team applies to the internal VC group (see below) for financing and approval of the project.
  3. Easy scalability - the team can contribute to open-source projects (at least for non-core and non-competing features and modules) and easily scale beyond company borders.

Sharing and learning

  1. Shared best practices - the company promotes the best practices, tools, designs, conventions and approaches from internal and outside sources. Teams are free to select and use any of them.
  2. Cross-team training - the company organizes cross-team knowledge sharing and training.
  3. Continuous improvement - the company encourages regular reflection and continuous improvement sessions, where the organization, processes, company and teams interactions are scrutinized and changed.

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