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 Why us

There are three main things you need to know about VIVA CREATIONS-

  • We're affordable,
  • We’re here when you need us, and
  • We do great custom work.

Our three main areas of expertise and our three main services:
viva Creations

  • Outstanding custom websites where you're in control of your content,
  • Corporate videos that make a significant impact on the viewer, and
  • Graphic design that captures what you do and succinctly translates that
    into a professionally designed medium that makes a positive impression.

There are some reasons for who makes viva creation different and why doing business with us is a best choice.

when it comes to multimedia services, particularly website services, there are plenty of fly-by-night firms and large corporations. Often what you get either way is a service that is undependable or impersonal. With viva creation you'll get just the opposite, you'll get a dependable, long-term relationship. When you call or email us you'll get a response from people you will get to know by name and who want your website to be the best it can be. We want the services we provide to you to perform in a way that has a significant impact on your business or organization.  

Most of our clients come to us either as the direct result of a referral from a satisfied existing client or they come to us after seeing the quality of work we've done for existing clients. And while we are committed to doing great work for our clients because it’s the right thing to do, the quality of work we do on every single project also has a very significant connection with our own bottom line. We want and need existing clients to continue to refer their friends and peers to us. And we need the projects we've worked on to advertise for us the quality standards to which we are committed. And as long as we stay committed to quality, clients will stay satisfied, and our healthy, continued growth will be assured.

our services are priced reasonably. We've adopted a different business model. We keep the set up costs low, and then we integrate our control panel. With the control panel you can make as many changes as you want 24/7. Plus, by emphasizing an on-going relationship, we're always here to support you by helping you with the control panel, answering your questions, and training whoever may take over your website after you're promoted, take another position, or retire. 


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